William’s Dream Come True

Recently I was able to visit our severely disabled godchild William from Hatuncolla and present him with the newly purchased Laptop thanks to the kind donors from the United States and Germany. William was absolutely thrilled – you should have seen his eyes beaming with joy and his body shaking with excitement!
As we unpacked the Laptop for him I proceeded to explain how to use it. To my surprise William seemed to know more than me already! Apparently he had spent a lot of his time studying the properties of computers and how to use them on his cell phone and knew exactly what to do.
I remember that when he was still a child William already had a passion for the Cyber World and loved to play computer games. He was very good at it. Now, as an adult he prefers to use the Internet to study and is looking into programs like Excel and educative presentations on You Tube. He has been doing so using his mobile phone whenever he had a connection to the Internet. He often sends me Whatsapp messages and I love sharing some travel snapshots with him so he can do some armchair travel.
It was such a special moment we shared with William and his family. Now the next challenge will be to get a an internet package to connect to – at least some of the time. We are also very happy to know that a second Laptop is on his way for William’s younger brother Christian who is also physically disabled. I left the two brothers studying the functions of the Laptop as I went back to Puno. Their younger sister Monica had passed on everything to them that she had learned at school, including reading and writing. I left William my e-mail address and am looking forward to his first mail!! Over the years I learned so much from William and his brother Christian…

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