Sound Master Tito La Rosa

Many years ago I had the honor to be introduced by a friend to one of Peru’s leading musicians, Tito La Rosa. He has since become a dear friend of ours and I have shared his phantastic sound baths with many of our groups. The great news is that he now lives with his family in the Sacred Valley which makes it much easier to organize events for our guests.

We visited him in his ‘Casa de Sonidos’ (House of Sounds) recently and spent an afternoon with him. Tito showed us his instrument collection with many rare pieces of pre-Colombian wind instruments that only he knows how to play. It is amazing to watch the master completely losing himself in producing the sweetest sounds from instruments that belonged to the ancient cultures of Peru. He knows how to combine these instruments with all kinds of unique instruments from other cultures into a harmonious and sweet sound bath that leaves you mesmerized and floating on a wave. Many times our guests and I have released many toxins through shedding tears, and come away from Tito’s ceremony refreshingly cleansed and renewed. Tito himself is such a sweet and kind person with a wonderful big heart. It is a pleasure to be around him.

Before attending one of his sound ceremonies for the first time I had made the big mistake to assume he was ‘only’ a musician. However, I was immediately cured of my preconceived notions. Having attended ‘Ayahuasca ceremonies’ in the rainforest before, I immediately recognized the sensation of having a protective circle closing in around us as Tito played the ‘Pututo’ conch shell. This is an ancient Andean instrument with such a powerful sound that it is still used today by the Quechuas of the highlands to call for community meetings, as the sound is so powerful. Tito has himself knowledge of the plant medicine, and it seems that the mother plant revealed a great deal to him about the millenarian Peruvian instruments and ceremonial music. I usually like to think of him as an reincarnation of an Atlantean sound healer…

Tito intuitively picks an instrument to pass the sounds over the chakras of each person in the group during a ceremony. I can tell you from my own experience that it can really shift things in your energy and open your heart! Do not miss out on meeting this great master on one of our tours – if it is not included ask about it! We will be happy to set something up especially for you!

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  1. Hello
    my husband and I will be visiting the sacred Valley in April and I wondered if it’s possible to have an opportunityto hear Tito and receive a sound bath

    1. We are again wanting to visit Peru and hope to come in spring 2022. Will there be opportunities to learn/heal with Don Tito La Rosa?
      Please let me know; we will plan our trip around his schedule
      Thanks much

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