William’s Dream Come True

Recently I was able to visit our severely disabled godchild William from Hatuncolla and present him with the newly purchased Laptop thanks to the kind donors from the United States and Germany. William was absolutely thrilled – you should have seen his eyes beaming with joy and his body shaking with excitement! As we unpacked … Continue reading William’s Dream Come True

The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

This year I fulfilled my dream of visiting the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary near the town of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. It can be easily reached from Agra, so it can be combined with a visit of the Taj Mahal. After reaching the vicinity of the Park and spending a long time looking for a reasonable place … Continue reading The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

Vegan Indian Food

Brinjal Bhaji with Vegetable Sabji in Coconut Milk & Brown Rice Sabji in Coconut Milk Ingredients: Sunflower Oil 3 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped 1 Big Onion finely chopped ½ Zucchini in Slices ½ Chopped Red Pepper Some boiled fresh Peas 200 g Mushrooms 2 Big Tomatoes chopped in cubes 3 Potatoes chopped in medium … Continue reading Vegan Indian Food

The Magnificent Bards of the Thar Desert

In 2012 I spent several months in India and ended the trip in fairy-tale Jaisalmer in the Thar desert near the border with Pakistan in Rajasthan. I have always loved world music. Since the age of three I listened to all the foreign music stations on the radio that Germany had to offer in those … Continue reading The Magnificent Bards of the Thar Desert

The Peaceful Warriors of Animal Aid

Recently we got involved for the second year running in a volunteering experience at Animal Aid Unlimited of Udaipur in Rajasthan. I immediately felt at home again, greeting my human and furry friends, many of whom I remembered. This time I went with my friend Nancy who joined me on a 36-day exploration Tour of … Continue reading The Peaceful Warriors of Animal Aid

SCAD – A Revolutionary NGO in Tamil Nadu

Recently we visited SCAD (Social Change and Development) for the third time as part of our South India tours. The NGO was founded by Dr. Cletus Babu, a former catholic priest who became a social worker in order to serve his people in better ways, together with his wife Amali. In 1985 they purchased some … Continue reading SCAD – A Revolutionary NGO in Tamil Nadu

Traveling in God’s Own Country

Did you know that Kerala is the greenest state in India? Paddy fields, coconut groves, tea plantations and lush jungle areas teeming with wildlife characterize the landscape. Many areas are surrounded by water: the backwaters, the Arabian sea and the artificial lakes of the dammed in rivers of the Western Ghats like Lake Periyar. There … Continue reading Traveling in God’s Own Country

Meeting Istvan Sky – A True Master of Nada Yoga

Ten days ago I landed in Kochi in order to start another India Adventure – this time a five week private tour. From the very beginning the Mother Country got under my skin again – a happy feeling of immersing myself in the culture and going with the flow. As I was approaching India, waiting … Continue reading Meeting Istvan Sky – A True Master of Nada Yoga

Shamanic Journey

Last month I was privileged to organize the logistics and guide a shamanic group from Germany led by the Peruvian Master José Carlos Reyes Ravenna and his Yogi partner Lola Espí from Spain. Both are highly experienced therapists with an impressive curriculum of qualifications in the healing arts and related fields. José Carlos was born … Continue reading Shamanic Journey