Food Parcels For Our Elders

In January 2021 I was entrusted a generous donation by a very nice couple of doctors from the USA for whom I had organized a tour in the Cusco area two or three years ago. They had asked me what course they could donate to in Peru and I had told them that in the … Continue reading Food Parcels For Our Elders

Vegan Travelers in Peru – Useful Tips

Bucket list Peru? And you are Vegan? Here are some recommendations 🌳 : Plan ahead as much as possible and make sure you get your vegan passport if you don’t speak Spanish. You might also join a local evening class or get a Spanish language application on your mobile . Start your web research, checking … Continue reading Vegan Travelers in Peru – Useful Tips

Not Just the Nazca Lines

In late December, we went to Nazca, a seven-hour drive south of Lima, situated on an inland desert plateau at an average altitude of 1,500 feet. It was a fabulous drive through rugged terrain, mountain passes, and lush oases. We stopped at the famous watchtower of the Nazca Lines once we reached the Nazca plateau, … Continue reading Not Just the Nazca Lines

Spending Christmas in Peru

Last December we were thrilled to organize a private Tour for repeat guests. We flew from Lima to Cusco and went straight on to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley to visit the dramatic Inca site and enjoy a lovely vegan meal before settling down in our beautiful Hotel in Urubamba.   The next day we … Continue reading Spending Christmas in Peru

Hanging Out in Lima

During the month of December last year we spent some time in Lima, the interesting capital city of Peru since 1535 (also known as the ‘city of kings’) with its population of around 10 million people, almost a third of the population of the whole country! Lima is a vibrant modern city and it happened … Continue reading Hanging Out in Lima

William’s Dream Come True

Recently I was able to visit our severely disabled godchild William from Hatuncolla and present him with the newly purchased Laptop thanks to the kind donors from the United States and Germany. William was absolutely thrilled – you should have seen his eyes beaming with joy and his body shaking with excitement! As we unpacked … Continue reading William’s Dream Come True

The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

This year I fulfilled my dream of visiting the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary near the town of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. It can be easily reached from Agra, so it can be combined with a visit of the Taj Mahal. After reaching the vicinity of the Park and spending a long time looking for a reasonable place … Continue reading The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

Vegan Indian Food

Brinjal Bhaji with Vegetable Sabji in Coconut Milk & Brown Rice Sabji in Coconut Milk Ingredients: Sunflower Oil 3 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped 1 Big Onion finely chopped ½ Zucchini in Slices ½ Chopped Red Pepper Some boiled fresh Peas 200 g Mushrooms 2 Big Tomatoes chopped in cubes 3 Potatoes chopped in medium … Continue reading Vegan Indian Food

Sound Master Tito La Rosa

Many years ago I had the honor to be introduced by a friend to one of Peru’s leading musicians, Tito La Rosa. He has since become a dear friend of ours and I have shared his phantastic sound baths with many of our groups. The great news is that he now lives with his family … Continue reading Sound Master Tito La Rosa

The Magnificent Bards of the Thar Desert

In 2012 I spent several months in India and ended the trip in fairy-tale Jaisalmer in the Thar desert near the border with Pakistan in Rajasthan. I have always loved world music. Since the age of three I listened to all the foreign music stations on the radio that Germany had to offer in those … Continue reading The Magnificent Bards of the Thar Desert