Shamanic Journey

Last month I was privileged to organize the logistics and guide a shamanic group from Germany led by the Peruvian Master José Carlos Reyes Ravenna and his Yogi partner Lola Espí from Spain.

Both are highly experienced therapists with an impressive curriculum of qualifications in the healing arts and related fields.

José Carlos was born in Lima at his grandmother’s house during a magnificent ritual. He belongs to a family of healers and shamans of the pre-Incan Nazca and Paracas traditions of the Southern coast of Peru and was therefore destined to become a shaman himself. He spent time living in different indigenous communities of Peru, at the coast, in the mountains and also in the rainforest. He has integrated the knowledge of ancient teachings in his person and manages to make it accessible to his numerous students.

Lola is a trained psycholgist, bio-transformation  therapist, Kundalini Yoga & meditation instructor, a life and health coach, Reiki instructor and hypnotherapist with certifications from international bodies.

A testimony from one of the participants, Gabi Frosch, an artist & shaman from Germany describes how the shamanic path had transformed her life for the better. Her training with José Carlos and Lola have led her to Peru for the second time already. She also states that she met wonderful like-minded people on her path.

She declares how in the seminaries powerful and effective ancient shamanic techniques and methods for self-healing as well as wisdom are transmitted. Some of these techniques had evolved over the centuries. The workshops she had attended were furthermore magic spaces where unconditional love and powerful transformations nourished her heart and soul.

It was a phantastic experience being with this group of open-hearted people and learning shamanic techniques of personal transformation from them. Although we also visited some of the main sacred Inca sites together, like Machu Picchu, the journey was much more of an inner than an outer journey. The energy of the group was capable of keeping rain at bay in the very spot where we were having a ceremony, whilst everywhere else the sky was black with rain clouds. Magic was always present! We even had a private sound bath with Peruvian sound Master Tito La Rosa in the privacy of our home which meant that the wildest dreams of some of the participants of the group were manifested. The journey was a great learning opportunity for all involved.

For German speakers: José Carlos & Lola will be teaching a two-year course in two yearly seminaries in Southern Germany, starting in March 2019. For more information contact: Claudia Löw from Urwege,

You may contact José Carlos Reyes Ravenna & Lola Espí for teaching seminars and workshops at: or at Facebook: Lola Espí

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