Visiting the Andes during the rainy season

The month of February is perhaps the least suitable time for traveling in the Andes because it falls in the season when the rains are peaking in the mountains. In spite of the high probability of rain that sometimes may go on for hours or, if unlucky, even days, it is also a very magical time of the year to explore,  especially the highlands of Anta. The blossoms of the different species of potatoes, canola plants, Scotch broom and wild lupines growing at the roadside may transform your trip into an unforgettable feast for the eye and it may make you think that you have walked straight into an impressionist painting.


And if and when the sun eventually breaks through the thick mist which sometimes gathers in the highlands, you will be greatly rewarded with views of the fields resembling a patchwork quilt.


The advantage of visiting the Andes during the rainy season is that there are far fewer people traveling, so you may avoid large crowds at the sites of interest.  Some hotels and airlines lower their rates and so you may even find special bargains. No matter what time of the year you choose for your visit, Cusco is always a fascinating destination!

Happy travels!

Oda & Armando

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