Support for Taquile Island


Last month we introduced you to our godchildren from Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca and their project of building their own boat for transporting tourists from Puno to the island. We are still collecting funds in order to get this boat service on Lake Titicaca going. Remember you may also place orders in order to purchase their beautiful weavings and knitwear. Below I have translated a thank you letter by Elias for the donations so far received (Elias can be seen on the right in the title photo).


Dear Godmother and dear Godfather, we send our affectionate greetings to you and your family. We are very happy about having received your support.

And we equally respectfully greet our friends who have helped us with our boat. The boat is already built and docked on the lake, but we are still lacking a number of things. We still need the official permit from the authorities in order to run our service and we are still saving up more money for the motor which is very expensive. The boat service is called ELMAR TOURS.

My wife Maria and I and our family are all very grateful for your kind support. I am sending you many hugs to your country. How we would love to be with you! But perhaps you will come to Peru and Taquile one day. We shall receive you with open arms. We are very happy about your help and my wife and I would like to invite you and your families to visit us in Taquile, you will be very welcome.

We pray for your good health and wish you all the best with your work as well as a belated happy New Year!

(translated by Oda Seedhouse)

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