About us - Vegetarian Peru Adventures

We are Oda and Armando, an ethnologist from Germany and a plastic artist from Cusco, Peru. Both vegetarians for decades we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, creating interesting and fun tours that make your trip an unforgettable experience.

As keen travelers ourselves, especially to places off the beaten track, we found that often our only option in South America was to go self-catering in order to observe a healthy vegetarian/vegan diet. Once we went on a steamship traveling down the Amazon river with a huge bag full of fruit and vegetables, plenty of clean drinking water and a big plastic bowl in which we disinfected our food with water and a few drops of iodine, before making it up into fresh salads. Needless to say that we got plenty of stares from our fellow travelers (officially the food was included in the fare)!

On our world travels, we have done extensive research on the local restaurants and facilities for vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten-free diets. This way we have designed many tours, especially in Peru, but also in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and India.

Our company now offers a good variety of tours which can all be customized, some of them visiting the main places of interest whilst others take you off the beaten track. Most of the tours we guide ourselves, taking great pride in sharing our expert knowledge of the indigenous cultures with you.

It is our concern to provide our guests with the best and healthiest fresh plant based food available in each location, preferably with organically grown ingredients wherever possible. Over the years we have prepared a good number of chefs in hotels and restaurants to cater for our very needs, in fact, we often send them our own recipes! Many traditional Andean meals can be adapted easily for a plant-based diet. Peru has an incredible variety of fruit and vegetables, legumes, native tubers, and potatoes, as well as a fair share of superfoods like quinoa, amaranth, and chia.

We look forward to introducing you to some typical Andean culinary delights!

Happy travels!

Oda & Armando

Oda with her god family on Taquile Island
Armando with members of the Matsiguenka Lodge