Meeting Istvan Sky – A True Master of Nada Yoga

Ten days ago I landed in Kochi in order to start another India Adventure – this time a five week private tour. From the very beginning the Mother Country got under my skin again – a happy feeling of immersing myself in the culture and going with the flow.

As I was approaching India, waiting for a flight connection in Bogotá, I saw an Instagram publication from the charismatic sound master and healer Istvan Sky and realized he was in India, so I contacted him. It turned out that he happened to be at the time in Ernakulam (Kochi), my first destination.

I was thrilled to finally meet this gentle soul whose powerful sweet chants so inspire me. We had a delicious veggie lunch in Ernakulam together with his enchanting friends, all dancers involved with the Dharani School of Performing Arts, and of course, my friend Nancy who had just arrived.

The following evening we were invited to a Full Moon Ceremony (the blood moon) at the School which was a fantastic healing experience set in an inviting building in traditional Keralan architecture. The participants of the ceremony sat in a circle with dozens of tea candles and flowers in the center. As Istvan began his beautiful shamanic voice work and overtone chanting I felt transported into the eternal presence of loving heart energy which was flowing through our circle and out into the world. I felt layers of burdens and pain that had clattered my heart space shedding away during and after the ceremony, starting a process of personal transformation and rejuvenation. All of us joined in with the chanting of the Green Tara Mantra and the Mantra associated with the Buddha of compassion ‘Om Mani Padme Hung’. Believe me, it is one thing to watch Istvan on a video, but to experience him live was very powerful and such a special gift!

After the ceremony we were honored with a dinner invitation by Shyamala Surendram, the director of the Dharani School of Performing Arts, in her home adjacent to the School in the intimate company of Istvan,  the talented Hungarian dancer Revathi who runs a dancing school in Munich, Germany and some other close friends. One thing they all had in common: they were magnetic, joyful and gifted artists, radiating a wonderful clear light from their generous, kind and wide open hearts – these are the kind of true leaders and healers our planet so badly needs. Nancy and I were deeply touched by the evening and the wonderful healing and hospitality we received. Thank you Shyamala, Revathi, Muriel, Remy and Istvan, from the bottom of my heart!

Listen to a sample of Istvan’s music:

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Photos courtesy to: Istvan Sky, Pranav Radhakrishnan, Revathi, Nancy Alexander & Oda Seedhouse

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