SCAD – A Revolutionary NGO in Tamil Nadu

Recently we visited SCAD (Social Change and Development) for the third time as part of our South India tours. The NGO was founded by Dr. Cletus Babu, a former catholic priest who became a social worker in order to serve his people in better ways, together with his wife Amali. In 1985 they purchased some … Continue reading SCAD – A Revolutionary NGO in Tamil Nadu

Traveling in God’s Own Country

Did you know that Kerala is the greenest state in India? Paddy fields, coconut groves, tea plantations and lush jungle areas teeming with wildlife characterize the landscape. Many areas are surrounded by water: the backwaters, the Arabian sea and the artificial lakes of the dammed in rivers of the Western Ghats like Lake Periyar. There … Continue reading Traveling in God’s Own Country

Update on our India group tours in 2018

Our different India holidays (all for English speakers) are now uploaded on our website. The first journey takes us to Kerala & Tamil Nadu in early 2018 (20th January – 8th February 2018), a wonderful 20–day adventure that explores not only the main sites but also experiences India from the inside as we will be … Continue reading Update on our India group tours in 2018

India group tours 2018

New from 2018: special group trips to India We are very pleased to announce our new planned group trips to India in 2018. The first one will lead you to the most famous attractions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as off the beaten track places where you will have direct contact with the … Continue reading India group tours 2018